Transition to School – Granby Parkgate

July and August are the months that we see many of our children leave us to go to ‘BIG’ school. This year things have been very different as many children will not have had transition visits into school or indeed had a visit from their new teachers.

However, don’t fear we have been working with all our children to support this new and exciting transition into school and will continue to do so throughout the summer.

We have strong links with all our feeder schools and talk frequently with teaching staff about the children who will be moving onto them. We send an end of term report to school with all your children’s milestones recorded and an overview of who they are, what they enjoy doing and if they will need any additional support in any area of learning and development.

We have made school transition books for all the children who are leaving us which we share daily whilst they are at nursery. The children love to share the pictures with each other of where they are going and who is going to be their new teacher. They all show great pride and enthusiasm in sharing these and this continues to support their up and coming adventure.

Things you can do at home to support your child’s transition into school:

Getting dressed and undressed and using the toilet independently are key skills which can be encouraged at home. These simple things can be really helpful, too: getting familiar with numbers, letters and sounds, singing nursery rhymes, and just doing things with your children like baking, getting out in the garden if you have one and simply chatting with them. It is also very important to help your child develop independence skills and good sleeping habits.

Things are uncertain at the moment, but this doesn’t need to affect the way you talk about transition with your children. We approach a lot of things thinking like an adult, but children tend to be more resilient than adults in many ways. They don’t need to know that things aren’t happening the way they would do normally. They take things at face value and tend to throw themselves into most things – we just sometimes need to shield them from our own worries. The most important thing is to make this a really exciting time and it is really exciting, for them and for their school. We will miss you all and look forward to hearing all about your adventures so please keep in touch, you will always be a part of our Granby family.

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Settling back into Nursery – Granby Wickersley


We reopened our doors to families on Monday 1st June 2020 and we are amazed at how well the children have adapted to our new ‘ways’.

Nursery life has gone in a new direction and we are passionate about ensuring we provide a safe, calm environment embracing the changes we have to make as an early years setting.

One of which was parents were asked not to come into the setting, handing their children over to us at the main door and then collecting them from there at the end of their session as a social distancing measure. This has been very successful, and we have welcomed the children back with lots of happy faces!

We removed our soft toys, soft furnishings and the smaller harder to clean resources but we had many ideas & activities to keep the little ones busy.

We made the most of all our spaces and although we are keeping in our ‘bubbles’ – we strive to maintain some normality into our days – we want to hear their laughter, see their smiles and love to listen to their little voices as they tell us their news.

As practitioners, we feel passionate about reducing the stress and anxiety around children, so we are conscious about being calm whilst also highlighting the necessity of hygiene such as an increased need for hand washing.  We do this in a fun way, making up new words to songs that children love such as Baby Shark.  This, along with role modelling, keeps the children engaged.

Outdoor play is a strong ethos of Granby Nurseries, we believe that it is an essential part of a child’s development as it provides freedom, develops creativity and curiosity, allows risk taking and allows the use of all senses.

We have re looked at our practice outdoors and strengthened it further to ensure children spend more optimal time in the outdoor environment making good use of all the spaces we have. This has provided many learning and calming opportunities such as daily yoga and listening to environmental sounds.

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The World changed – Granby Carlton

Granby Nurseries has been open now for over 25 years, and the past 11 weeks have been like no other we have ever known. On 23rd March 2020 Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that most schools and early years settings in the UK would close.

Some schools and early years settings would stay open to children whose parents are key workers like nurses, delivery drivers and teachers.

All three Granby’s stayed open initially to provide care for limited children, whilst other children stayed safe at home with their parents.

On March 26th, the Prime minister- Boris Johnson, Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte lead our nation in our first clap for the NHS and keyworkers. At 8 o’clock on Thursday nights people stand outside their front doors and clap to say thank you to those that are helping to keep us safe.

Granby Wickersley and Granby Carlton unfortunately closed from 6th April 2020.

Granby Parkgate remained open throughout the whole lockdown period, supporting families, and creating a safe environment for children.

Granby Wickersley used their Facebook page to communicate with families, sending videos and activities for children to enjoy.

Granby Carlton had created LIVE@11 from 23rd March, doing a fun live session on their Facebook page, for families to watch, Jacqui carried this on throughout lockdown, reading stories from her campervan for families to enjoy, activities and story videos from staff were also posted weekly.

Granby Wickersley and Carlton maintained contact throughout offering families support and advice.

On 11th May Boris Johnson announced that he intended schools and early years settings to reopen from 1st June 2020 – the hard work began. All Granby Directors and Managers worked hard for the next few weeks, writing new documents in time for opening, they communicated and reassured families about opening and measures put in place.

We are day four into opening and welcoming back our families, all staff have been amazing and have worked hard to settle children back in, the children have been amazing, and come back as if they were here yesterday. Granby Nurseries are very proud of what we and our families have achieved and look forward to welcoming more and new families back in the future.

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What difference can I make as a parent? – Granby Parkgate

Listening and Attention

It is essential for a child to master attention and listening skills in order to learn new skills. Attention is linked to concentration and so is an important component in listening. Attention and listening are skills that develop gradually and are important to talk and understand language.

The term receptive language is often used to describe how much a child recognises and understands words and phrases. It is receptive language that develops first, meaning that a young child can understand far more that they can say.


Supporting listening and attention

  • Think about how noisy your home environment is. Background noise such as music or a TV playing or areas where there are many voices will make it harder for your child to concentrate.
  • Create quiet, calm spaces at home, with minimum clutter, as too many toys can make it harder for children to focus.
  • Consider whether your expectations are developmentally appropriate; young children may find it hard to concentrate on an activity for long periods of time.
  • Say your child’s name, gain eye contact and get down to their level before giving them an instruction or telling them something.
  • Use plenty of gestures and facial expressions when talking to your children as these will help them understand what you are saying.
  • Give your child plenty of time to process what you have said before saying something else or asking them again the same question.
  • Repetition when talking helps children to process the repeated words for meaning. Look out for songs with action which have repeated phrases such as ‘The wheels on the bus.’
  • Play ‘ready steady go’ games such as rolling a ball or knocking down a tower as the anticipation before the action may help to increase a child’s attention span.

Most importantly have lots of fun.


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Granby fact – All Granby settings

Granby fact:

At Granby we are very passionate about building the right staff team, to deliver inspiring learning for the families that choose to attend.

We are very proud that 40 of the Granby employees have been employed for over 10 years.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” –Richard Branson.



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Lending Library – Granby Wickersly





We have introduced a   to encourage children and families to share and look at books.

Sharing books will:
Promote strong and loving relationships and secure attachments.

Improve a child’s language and communication skills.

Support the development of fine motor, listening and concentration skills.

Aid social & emotional development, good mental health and well-being.

Helping to lay foundations of good literacy skills and prepare the way for school transitions.

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25th Anniversary


Happy 25th Birthday Granby Parkgate
25 years ago, we opened our doors to the children of Rotherham. 25 years later we continue to support and enjoy the company of 148 families.
In 1994 our original ethos was to ‘stimulate the child’s natural curiosity to understand the world around them. To encourage the child to socialise and gain confidence in a very friendly atmosphere. Creative play will be an important part of the child’s day with imaginative and stimulating activities.’
Today in 2019 we continue that same ethos knowing that ‘children are born ready, able and eager to learn from highly stimulating environments and passionate practitioners.’

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Summer – Granby Parkgate

Summer at Granby Nurseries has been extremely busy..

We have been busy maximising children's learning.

We know that children are born ready, able and eager to learn.  Therefore we ensure that we provide a rich learning environment.

Our qualified staff have planned meaningful play experiences in child-centred and highly stimulating environments.
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