The summer months allows the children at Granby Carlton to take advantage of the wonderful large tress in the outdoor area, for napping under.

One of the greatest benefits to sleeping outdoors is the increased brain activity which allows children to be happier, have better concentration, and an improved memory. This improves children’s cognitive development and allows them to be more explorative and open to learning.


Benefits of outdoor napping for all children.


  1. Better sleep

The cold air helps babies and toddlers sleep better, deeper, and longer. It also helps them fall asleep easier even once they are older.


  1. Less illness

Children who sleep outdoors spend less time in dry, recycled air which can allow the flu, virus and common colds to easily spread among the children.


  1. Improved learning

Children who sleep better are more rested and they can benefit from improved alertness and better cognitive performance.


  1. Calmer babies

By spending more time in nature, looking at the beauty and smelling the fresh air, children who sleep outdoors benefit from nature’s calming effect.


  1. Healthy habits

By spending a lot of time outdoors from a young age, children can internalise these habits early on in their lives which can help them become healthier adults.



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