Fostering creativity in children is important. During this type of play, children manipulate a range of media and materials developing both gross and fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination.

Great opportunities for learning and thinking are possible when children participate in creative play. Working with a range of art materials to make their mark, manipulating play dough into their chosen shapes, creating recipes by mixing dirt and water can further all aspects of child development. It has been identified that ‘A child who is used to thinking creatively can more easily problem-solve’

It is very important, however during creative play, that the emphasis should be on the process and not the end product. For children to be CURIOUS about the world around them, following their own unique style of learning and to be engaged in the joy of DOING rather than the end result is very beneficial and as adult we should resist the temptation in leading the children’s creativity and defining the end result for them.

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