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Listening and Attention

It is essential for a child to master attention and listening skills in order to learn new skills. Attention is linked to concentration and so is an important component in listening. Attention and listening are skills that develop gradually and are important to talk and understand language.

The term receptive language is often used to describe how much a child recognises and understands words and phrases. It is receptive language that develops first, meaning that a young child can understand far more that they can say.


Supporting listening and attention

  • Think about how noisy your home environment is. Background noise such as music or a TV playing or areas where there are many voices will make it harder for your child to concentrate.
  • Create quiet, calm spaces at home, with minimum clutter, as too many toys can make it harder for children to focus.
  • Consider whether your expectations are developmentally appropriate; young children may find it hard to concentrate on an activity for long periods of time.
  • Say your child’s name, gain eye contact and get down to their level before giving them an instruction or telling them something.
  • Use plenty of gestures and facial expressions when talking to your children as these will help them understand what you are saying.
  • Give your child plenty of time to process what you have said before saying something else or asking them again the same question.
  • Repetition when talking helps children to process the repeated words for meaning. Look out for songs with action which have repeated phrases such as ‘The wheels on the bus.’
  • Play ‘ready steady go’ games such as rolling a ball or knocking down a tower as the anticipation before the action may help to increase a child’s attention span.

Most importantly have lots of fun.


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Granby fact – All Granby settings

Granby fact:

At Granby we are very passionate about building the right staff team, to deliver inspiring learning for the families that choose to attend.

We are very proud that 40 of the Granby employees have been employed for over 10 years.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” –Richard Branson.



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Lending Library – Granby Wickersly





We have introduced a   to encourage children and families to share and look at books.

Sharing books will:
Promote strong and loving relationships and secure attachments.

Improve a child’s language and communication skills.

Support the development of fine motor, listening and concentration skills.

Aid social & emotional development, good mental health and well-being.

Helping to lay foundations of good literacy skills and prepare the way for school transitions.

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25th Anniversary


Happy 25th Birthday Granby Parkgate
25 years ago, we opened our doors to the children of Rotherham. 25 years later we continue to support and enjoy the company of 148 families.
In 1994 our original ethos was to ‘stimulate the child’s natural curiosity to understand the world around them. To encourage the child to socialise and gain confidence in a very friendly atmosphere. Creative play will be an important part of the child’s day with imaginative and stimulating activities.’
Today in 2019 we continue that same ethos knowing that ‘children are born ready, able and eager to learn from highly stimulating environments and passionate practitioners.’

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Summer – Granby Parkgate

Summer at Granby Nurseries has been extremely busy..

We have been busy maximising children's learning.

We know that children are born ready, able and eager to learn.  Therefore we ensure that we provide a rich learning environment.

Our qualified staff have planned meaningful play experiences in child-centred and highly stimulating environments.
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Up-cycled furniture – Granby Wickersley

Granby Wickersley were donated some wooden spools this week, one of the creative practitioners has made these into new furniture for the children to enjoy.

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Tinker tray play – Granby Carlton

The benefits of Tinker tray play are endless, the items are open-ended, are great for introducing loose parts, providing a wealth of sensory experiences.

This ensures children will explore mathematical concepts of shape, space and number as they figure out how they can fill, arrange and explore the  items.
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