Autumn is such an exciting time in nursery with the opportunity of using lots of natural resources to enhance activities and learning.

Sending home bags for the children to collect leaves, sticks & conkers on Autumn walks gives opportunities for the children to share their ‘treasures’ back at nursery with friends as well as encouraging a love of outdoors which is good for children’s health & wellbeing.

Using a range of natural resources in nursery allows for the opportunity of open ended play. The resources can be used over and over again and each time children will use them for different purposes.  Using natural resources either on their own or with other resources allows children to use their imagination and demonstrate skills as well as enhancing their sensory development. The way natural resources look, feel and smell all provide children with great learning opportunities as they are eagerly explored.

Natural resources allow children to use their creativity whilst learning rather than creating an end product or result.

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